The West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis was founded in 1992, and held its first meeting at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  Other institutions whose faculty and students have been instrumental in the work of the conference are the University of Oregon, the University of Victoria, Scripps College, the University of California at Irvine, the University of Washington, the University of British Columbia, the University of Utah, and the University of New Mexico.

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for music scholars of all ages and career stages to present their work in a public forum, which we accomplish through our annual spring meeting.  Occasionally, we also provide opportunities for publication through conference proceedings.  Three volumes have been published to date with Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Musical Currents from the Left Coast (2008), Analyzing the Music of Living Composers (And Others) (2014), and Form and Process in Music, 1300-2014: An Analytic Sampler (2016).  Another volume, based on the papers given at the 2018 San Diego conference, is in the planning stages.

Two officers serve the conference, a President and a Secretary-Treasurer.   The President's main duties are to secure a meeting place for the conference each spring and lead the annual business meeting, though he or she also serves on program committees ex officio (if needed) and has served as a co-editor of the published conference proceedings.  Past Presidents have been Pieter van den Toorn, Steve Larson and Jack Boss.   The Secretary-Treasurer maintains the conference's bank account, supervises registration at the annual meeting, and maintains a mailing list of scholars that have participated in WCCMTA.  Past Secretary-Treasurers have included Jack Boss, Leigh van Handel, and Bruce Quaglia.

Membership in the WCCMTA is open to scholars in or out of the region, and dues cost $10 for regular members and $5 for students.  Dues are collected at the annual meeting, and questions may be addressed to Amy Bauer at or Russell Knight at 

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